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Oracle ADF Mobile Client Enables Local Java Apps on Mobile Platforms

Oracle has extended its Application Development Framework (ADF) to include Oracle ADF Mobile Client, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware. It enables developers to create Java-based apps that run locally on mobile devices. Developers can build once and deploy to multiple devices using the same Java user interface framework and tooling. They can also repurpose existing enterprise services for mobile devices, regardless of the application’s original design.

ADF Mobile Client complements Oracle ADF Mobile Browser. While the ADF Mobile Browser enables developers to build browser-based apps for a broad range of mobile devices, ADF Mobile Client provides native mobile functionality, allowing applications to be deployed directly to mobile devices.

ADF Mobile Client is based on the same programming approach as Java Server Faces (JSF). Developers can use visual editing tools and code to create device-independent representations of an application. They can then render the single, generic application definition on multiple device types using the native user interface for each platform. This approach means developers do not need to specialize in a particular class of device or toolkit. Rather, they can quickly adapt to the ever-changing capabilities and platforms of mobile devices.

Key features of Oracle ADF Mobile Client include:

  • Design tools and services for offline data synchronization, real-time data synchronization through Web services, and locally cached data;
  • Local device hardware access, including cameras, GPS, and other sources from Java code embedded in the application;
  • Integration with on-device barcode readers;
  • Automatic and on-demand data synchronization between the device and the enterprise using Oracle Database Lite Mobile Server; and
  • Mobile Transaction Replay Service, which provides the ability to record logical transactions on the mobile device and replay them through a service API, rather than directly to the database.
  • ADF Mobile Client currently supports the BlackBerry and Windows Mobile platforms. As support for new devices is added, developers can deploy applications to the new platforms without redevelopment.

Oracle ADF Mobile Client is available now. Further information about Oracle ADF Mobile Client can be found here.

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