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Crestron Intros HD Control, Routing System

The Crestron DMPS-300-C
The Crestron DMPS-300-C

Crestron has unveiled its first DigitalMedia Presentation System (DMPS), the DMPS-300-C, a high-definition presentation control and signal routing solution. The system is a single, rack-mountable component containing a control processor, multimedia matrix switcher, mic mixer, audio digital signal processor (DSP), and amplifier with DigitalMedia 8G+. It is intended to eliminate the need for multiple separate components.

Key features of the DMPS-300-C include:

  • Matrix signal routing for up to seven simultaneous sources and four displays;
  • Support for HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort Multimode, and SPDIF digital sources;
  • Support for RGB, composite, S-video, component, and stereo audio analog sources;
  • Auto-detecting, auto-switching inputs for all types of video and audio sources;
  • Built-in six-channel gated microphone mixing with DSP;
  • Audio signal mixing and routing to seven separate outputs;
  • Audio-follow-video or breakaway switching for all inputs;
  • HDMI audio signal extraction and embedding;
  • Three stereo analog outputs with independent DSP per output; and
  • Built-in 40 watt amplifier, selectable for eight ohm stereo or 70/100 volt mono operation.

The DMPS-300-C also features Crestron’s next-generation audio-visual network infrastructure technology, DigitalMedia 8G+, which distributes digital and analog signals over one wire using a single IP address.

DigitalMedia 8G+ can distribute uncompressed 1080p HD video with Deep Color, 3D video, high-definition computer signals, as well as HD digital audio, control, data, and Ethernet over 330 feet using standard CAT5e or DigitalMedia 8G cable, or over 1,000 feet using CresFiber 8G.

Crestron claims that DigitalMedia 8G+ overcomes common problems with HDMI cables, including limited transmission distances, problems with high-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) copy protection, consumer electronics control (CEC), and extended display identification data (EDID) resolution management issues.

In other Crestron news, the company also launched its FreeSpeech wireless microphone system and AMP Series of commercial amplifiers.

The FreeSpeech wireless microphone is designed for K-12 classroom teachers so they can move around and be heard clearly from anywhere in the room. The hands-free microphone clips onto clothing, hangs around the neck, or can mount on a tabletop stand. It includes a built-in 30 watt stereo amplifier and can also connect to a DVD player, computer, or other audio source. It comes with one or two microphones. The second microphone option is useful for team teaching, guest speakers, or student participation.

The AMP Series of commercial amplifiers are high-power amplifiers designed to meet Energy Star certification requirements and featuring low noise, low distortion performance. There are five models available in the line, with a range of size, channel, speaker, and power options.

Further information about these products is available at's Crestron site.

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