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Sennheiser Launches New Mics, Wireless Sound Kits

At InfoComm 2011 in Orlando, Florida, Sennheiser has unveiled the first two models of their new entry-level series of speakers’ microphones, the MEG 14-40 B gooseneck microphone, and the MEG 14-40-L B with an LED ring.

Both microphones feature a KE 10 microphone capsule with cardioid directivity for universal miking, a 15.75-inch gooseneck, and RF shielding against intermodulation from wireless devices. The MEG 14-40 B has an XLR 3M connector, and the MEG14-40 L B has an XLR 5M connector. Sennheiser recommends both microphones for installed applications, such as conference rooms, podiums, and announcement desks.

In other Sennheiser news, the company also launched 12 new evolution wireless G3 100 Series combo kits and new operating software for the ADN discussion system.

The G3 100 Series combo kits are each equipped with the GA3 rack-mount kit, various lavalieres, the new EarSet ear-worn microphone, or an additional handheld transmitter. The MSRP for the kits ranges from $809.98 to $1,472.90.

The new operating software for the ADN discussion system provides improved system handling and enhanced speech intelligibility in acoustically challenging environments.

Key features of the software update include:

  • Direct communications between the ADN system and media control devices through an open protocol;
  • XLR Mix Minus mode for improved audio quality of transmissions to external locations; and
  • Mic loudspeaker mute to restrict loudspeaker amplification to external locations only.

The company also introduced white versions of their ME-series installed sound microphones, including the ME 34 (cardioids), ME 35 (super-cardioid), and ME 36 (super-cardioid/lobar).

Further information about Sennheiser products can be found at the company’s site.

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