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Arizona District Launches 3.26 MW Solar Project

Buckeye Elementary School District in Arizona has begun construction on a 3.26-megwatt photovoltaic solar project.

The project comprises seven sites, six schools and a district office building, and will be developed, owned, operated, and maintained by REgeneration Finance as part of a power purchase agreement.

Under the 20-year agreement, the district will purchase the energy generated by the system at a predetermined rate without assuming any risk for the installation or ongoing maintenance.

The project will provide approximately 70 percent of the district's annual needs, according to information released by the school.

Nick Stoker, a spokesman for REgeneration Finance, said that the company will work with Buckeye Elementary School District to integrate information from the project into curricula.

"REgeneration Finance and Buckeye Elementary School District have not yet finalized their education plan, but REgeneration Finance provides all of its partners with system monitoring kiosks," Stoker said. "These kiosks display real-time electricity generation, system savings and emissions offsets, as well as historic data on these key metrics, and more.  The school district will have web access to the same data displayed on the kiosks, allowing students to monitor the impact of their solar installations from anywhere with an internet connection."

Buckeye Elementary School District serves 4,560 students with approximately 500 staff members. The district includes six elementary schools and one preschool.

More information about REgeneration Finance is available at

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