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Trivantis Adds PowerPoint-to-Flash Conversion

Trivantis has released a new version of its presentation software, Snap! by Lectora, which allows users to convert content from PowerPoint to Flash.

Version 1.1 allows instructors to publish presentations to the Web, Snap! Live, a CD, CourseMill, or any other learning management system.

Features of the new version include:

  • The ability to convert PowerPoint presentations to .FLV Flash format;
  • The functionality to customize messages and labels, corresponding to quizzes and surveys;
  • Allowing the user to start, pause, scrub, and stop audio and video through a controller within PowerPoint presentations;
  • More options for page transitions, and image and text effects;
  • Letting the instructor specify which slide the user will continue to next in the course, allowing for customization;
  • Setting hyperlinks to manage how presentations close when using learning management system-published presentations opened in a new window;
  • Submitting information for quizzes and surveys directly to a file or database, including the user's name, quiz questions, quiz answers, and scores.

Snap! by Lectora presentations can be shared online for free with Snap! Live and SnapChannel.com. The cost for Snap! Live is $99, the same as the previous version.

Snap! by Lectora is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, and Vista, and requires Adobe Flash Player 9 or greater. Supported audio file formats include audio Interchange file format (.aif, .aiff); uncompressed Windows audio (.wav); MPEG (.mp3); Advanced Systems Format (.asf); uLaw audio (.au); and Windows Media audio (.wma).

Supported video narration file formats are Apple QuickTime movie (.mov); Audio Video Interleave (.avi); Flash video (.flv); Moving Picture Experts Group (.mpg, .mpeg, .mp4, .mpg4); and Windows Media Video (.wmv).

For more information, visit the trivantis.com.

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