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Trivantis Updates Lectora E-Learning Software

Trivantis has unveiled a new version of its Lectora e-learning software, an authoring tool used for the creation of interactive online courses, Web sites, and presentations. The software lets the user publish resources online in a variety of mobile and tablet device formats and within learning management systems and on disc-based media.

Features of Lectora X.5 include 23 new characters, each with 15 poses, totaling 345 photos of people from different genders, ethnic groups, and professions; characters can change emotion/position depending on the users' actions in the course; options for e-learning and training customization; support for YouTube HD video; and 12 new skins for media, or the user can design his/her own.

Lectora X.5 also includes new Flash games, which can be customized, including:

  • Carnival Games;
  • Crazy Cans--answer questions correctly to knock down cans with a ball;
  • Dunking Booth--Answer questions for a chance to throw a ball at the dunking booth;
  • Horse Race--answer questions correctly to shoot water at the target and advance your horse in the race;
  • Mountain Climb--climb higher up the mountain as answers are correctly answered;
  • Walk the Plank--answer questions correctly to prevent pirates from walking you off the plank into shark-infested waters; and
  • Slot Machine--each correct answer allows the user to go for the jackpot. The slot machine randomly provides combinations that give a number of points for each spin.

Games can be associated with graded tests and results recorded in the learning management system.

In addition, the software allows the user to publish files created in Lectora Inspire with Camtasia to MP4 format for viewing on iPhones and iPads. It also lets the user modify font styles, sizes, and colors in video captions.

System requirements are: Windows 7, Vista, XP, NT, or 2000 and an Intel or AMD processor.

Lectora X.4 users who have auto-update enabled and are current on their maintenance plans should see their software automatically update to Version X.5.

For more information, visit the Trivantis Web site.

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