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Arizona School Using Motivation Software

Following its participation in a pilot program, one charter secondary school in Arizona has expanded its deployment of motivation software to boost student performance.

Carpe Diem, which provides learning with a combination of classroom and computer instruction, finished trying out uBoost in spring 2011. The school, which has 240 students in grades 6 through 12, is now using the software in five locations, including its virtual school.

uBoost provides a widget that shows students their performance with redeemable points, achievement badges, leaderboard standings, and avatar upgrades.

Additional features include:

  • Students can obtain access to special features by completing tasks;
  • Students can share their badges on Facebook;
  • Integration into institutions' student user interfaces;
  • Students can customize their interface to show or hide different areas, including leaderboards, the prize wheel, and room contest widget;
  • The ability to create wish lists of items in the catalog; and
  • Student progress tracking.

"Carpe Diem’s approach to education leverages technology, students' interests, and skills to make their learning experience positive, enriching and empowering," said Rick Ogston, founder and CEO of Carpe Diem.

John Bower, CEO of uBoost, said his company and Carpe Diem have similar goals.

"Our underlying principle of automating frequent and consistent feedback support Carpe Diem's efforts to foster meaningful relationships between students and their teachers; set high expectations; and make the academic experience student-centric," he said.

For more information about uBoost, visit Go to for more information about Carpe Diem.

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