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Science Social Network Adds Economic, Financial Sections, a social network that publishes links to breaking science news contributed by its 64,000 international users, has added economics and financial science sections to its Web site.

For these two sections, which are part of the network's business category, users regularly track almost 300 scientific journals that include approximately 20,000 articles. In total at, approximately 1.2 million stories in 75 categories have been published so far. Besides economics and financial science, the site covers news in the fields of geography, biology, engineering, business, chemistry, health, math, and modern society.

The economic sciences section focuses on the consumption, distribution, and production of products and services, and currently contains approximately 15,000 articles from more than 200 scientific accounting journals. One recent article looked at user behavior in multi-player online games and whether it results in real money trading. Another story probed conditional bargaining problems.

The finance sciences section zeroes in on credit, banking, investments, money, and other assets. A recent story said that despite the economic crisis, investors are interested in hedge funds. Another article looked at how the financial crisis has impacted citizens’ trust in central banks.’s business sciences category also includes subsections for marketing, nonprofits, administration, management, and accounting.

Check out the Web site at, or follow it @Sciencia on Twitter.

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