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New York District Moves Student Information to the Cloud

Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) has selected a new student information system (SIS) to manage student data.

The district has chosen Infinite Campus for its SIS, and will go live with the system next year. Custom Computer Specialists, an Infinite Campus partner, will handle the implementation, training, and support for the project.

Priorities for the district included a Web-based solution that would allow access from any device at any time, and a partner that was familiar with New York's reporting requirements.

The system will allow the district to manage a number of functions including:

  • An electronic grade book;
  • Student scheduling; and
  • Attendance tracking.

"The Infinite Campus product stood out in that their solution was richer and went deeper in functionality. Their support model is unique in that it utilizes regional companies to provide services and a more intimate relationship. Their training model is rich in online content and customer support portals," said Daniel Marmion, chief technology officer for BPS. "Infinite Campus not only exceeded the RFP requirements but also provided a solution and company that is entirely focused on just student information systems."

Based in New York's second largest city, BPS serves nearly 35,000 students spread out over 60 facilities.

Custom currently works with more than 300 districts and serves 2.5 million students. Infinite Campus, which bills itself as "the largest American-owned student information system" serves 5 million students in 43 states.

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