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Pearson To Release Teaching with Microsoft Office Text for Students and Teachers

Teachers and students will soon have a new tool for navigating the world of classroom software applications with the upcoming release of Teaching and Learning with Microsoft Office 2010 and Office 2011 for Mac.

The text, which is scheduled to hit the shelves at the beginning of February, covers the essentials of key applications found in learning environments.

Areas covered by the text include:

  • Giving students and teachers a grounding in software basics;
  • Pedagogical advice and tips for integrating technology within a classroom; and
  • Suggestions on how educators can stimulate students' interest in the most effective and engaging way possible.

The book introduces students and educators to the functions of Microsoft Office tools including Word, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel. Designed for both beginners and experts, the authors provide tips, practice problems, and teaching suggestions.

Along with information, the book also provides practice exercises to cement mastery.

Features provided by the text include:

  • Mac-specific screen captures;
  • Online help videos for both PCs and Macs;
  • Information on Windows 7 and Web 2.0;
  • Suggestions on how to effectively use technology in the classroom; and
  • Integration and Application material aligned with National Educational Technology Standards (NETS).

The text begins with level 1 material for beginners and moves on to level 2 with guided assistance available online at for Windows users and at for Mac users.

level 3 instruction focuses on integration of technology within the learning environment.

Authors of the text are Timothy Newby, a professor of learning design and technology at Purdue University and Judith Oates Lewandowski, an associate professor of instructional technology at Indiana University South Bend. Newby studies motivation and learning, instructional strategies, and educational technology. Lewandowski's research interests include assessment, technology integration, and social studies education, among other fields.

The text is published by Allyn & Bacon with a list price of $49.95.