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Absolute Software Adds Theft Recovery for Android Tablets

Absolute Software has added theft recovery to its Computrace Mobile features for Android tablets.

Designed to be nearly undetectable, Computrace is embedded in the firmware of computers and mobile devices and will alert the Absolute theft recovery team with location and asset information in the event of theft. The solution allows customers to remotely delete data, and is capable of surving "operating system re-installations, as well as hard-drive reformats, replacements, and re-imaging," according to information released by the company.

Other features of Computrace include:

  • A cloud-based interface for deployment tracking;
  • The ability to track devices both on and off the network;
  • The ability to create customized alerts for unauthorized activity, such as taking a device outside of a predefined area;
  • Auditing of deleted data;
  • The ability to display custom messages to users to, for example, contact IT or confirm their identity; and
  • Track devices on an online map.

"Computrace persistence technology built in to the devices in our deployment provides our company with the ability to accurately track our mobile assets through their useful lifetime beyond that of any other technology available," said Deron Means, information security officer for Harland Clarke. "Even in the event of an asset theft, persistence technology allows our company to maintain control over the unit. Persistence technology has also proven itself incredibly valuable in deterring any potential internal theft situations."

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