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Toshiba Offers First High-Def IP Video Surveillance Camera

The IK-WD14A features 1080p resolution and LED illuminators for night imaging.

A division of Toshiba has introduced its first high-definition surveillance camera. The IK-WD14A is the company's first IP entry that features 1080p resolution. The mini-dome is intended, Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video said in a statement, for securing areas where sharp video is crucial, such as for identifying facial features or license plates, and where light isn't available or presents back lighting problems.

Features of the IK-WD14A include:

  • High-def streaming resolution at 30 frames per second;
  • H.264/MPEG4/JPEG compression for optimized streaming;
  • Remote 3x optical zoom and remote focus;
  • Broad angle pan and tilt;
  • Advanced LED illuminators and a wide dynamic range for day/night imaging;
  • Anti-camera tampering;
  • Motion detection; and
  • Two-year warranty.

Because the camera complies with the standards of ONVIF, a global vendor forum for developing standards for the interface of IP-based physical security products, the company said it would more easily integrate into existing network infrastructures.

The new camera, sold through Toshiba resellers, is listed for $585 new on eBay.

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