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4 Ohio Districts Move Data Management Online

Four of Ohio's largest school districts have adopted Web-based student data management in an effort to streamline operations and improve access.

The districts, with a combined enrollment of nearly 90,000 students in and around the state capital of Columbus, have implemented the Infinite Campus student information system. The districts include: Columbus City School District (50,000 students); South-Western City Schools (19,500 students); Pickerington Local School District (10,285 students); and Worthington School District (9,404 students).

The move is designed to streamline data management for the districts by decreasing administrative needs and reducing the involvement of third-party vendors while improving communication with parents and students.

New regulations by the state and the Web-based nature of the system were also cited by district representatives as prompting the move.

"Increasing complexity of state reporting and the need to increase Web and mobile access were the driving forces to seek a new solution." said Keith Schlarb, director of IT for Worthington Schools. "A district resident and software executive who participated in the evaluation process summed it up well when he said, 'Their architecture uses a single database to drive every module, they store data one time, and they use the power of relational database technology to provide flexibility and configurability…As requirements change through the years, Infinite Campus will be better positioned to meet those changes.'"

The four districts serve urban and suburban areas in the center of the state in and around Columbus, OH, a metropolitan area with a population of 1.9 million people.

Founded in 1993, Infinite Campus currently is involved in student services such as data management for more than 5 million students in 43 states.

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