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Netop Increases Funding for Software Grants

Classroom software company Netop is increasing the size of its GAP grant program by more than 50 percent with the goal of putting more classroom management software into schools.

The grants, which range in size from $150 to $1,100, can be used to offset purchase or upgrade costs for the company’s software. According to the Netop website, grants of $150 to $300 are available for classroom labs and grants of $1,100 are available for a site or district license.

A free funding guide available online suggests that schools should identify the number of computers requiring software and request a quote from Netop or an authorized reseller prior to filling out a grant application. Schools should also resolve whether onsite or online training would best suit their needs.

"Our significant increase in funding for the 2012 grant program illustrates our commitment to ensuring that teachers in all schools have access to the classroom management software necessary to leverage the power of technology to improve teaching and learning for students," said company CEO Kurt Bager in a statement.

The grants support Netop School, Netop Vision, and Netop Vision Pro. The software gives teachers and administrators control over student computer use and allows them to guide learning through controlled web browsing and on-screen demonstrations.

Last year, the company awarded more than 200 GAP Grants totaling more than $100,000.

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