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SAGE Day School Adopts Cloud-Based Virtual Desktops

New Jersey-based SAGE Day Schools has adopted virtual desktops across three campus locations in an effort to move to a completely cloud-based system.

Over the course of the past few months, SAGE has eliminated the use of its physical servers in part by adopting ClassLink's LaunchPad.

LaunchPad is a Web-based desktop virtualization solution designed to be accessible from anywhere on any device with Internet access.

Features of the system include:

  • The ability to access files stored at school from home;
  • Ssl/https access encryption;
  • A curated educational app library;
  • The ability for teachers to create lesson pages with videos, images and other media;
  • Chat; and
  • Screen sharing.

Currently, the school is using only a few of the tools available with the system. Down the road, the district plans to incorporate more features of LaunchPad's Instructional Desktop as well, such as collaboration tools and an ability to design regular and hybrid courses.

"We have a long and sturdy relationship with ClassLink. Their LaunchPad solution gives us everything we need to create a wonderful technology-enriched learning environment for our students," said Chris Leonard, director of clinical and educational programs at SAGE. "LaunchPad provided a secure cloud which allowed me to discontinue use of our servers. Most importantly, we no longer have to worry about our students and teachers losing Internet and computer access due to a terminal or some other technology failure. We now have a safe, up-to-date and reliable technology environment."

SAGE, for success, achievment, growth, and empowerment, is a private, therapeutic school serving nearly 200 middle school and high school students in New Jersey and surrounding states.

More information about LaunchPad is available at