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New Grant To Provide Portable Interactive Technology to Teachers

Online community WeAreTeachers is offering a new grant, sponsored by Learning Resources, which will allow teachers to submit collaborative lesson plans for a chance to win portable interactive technology for the classroom.

Teachers, for grades pre-K to 12, must submit collaborative lesson plans to WeAreTeachers for a chance to win. Submitted plans will be made available after the grant award period to all WeAreTeachers community members for perusal and use.

Applications will be accepted between April 24 and May 22, 2012. To apply for the grant, teachers will need to answer the question, "How would you use portable interactive technology to create collaborative lessons?" After the grant application period ends, all lesson ideas submitted will be posted online for educators to vote on. Voting will run from May 24 to June 7, 2012.

Two merit-based winners, who will be selected by a panel of teachers, will each win a GeoSafari Tuff Cam and a now!Board from Learning Resources, total product value equaling $700. After the voting concludes, the creators of the top three collaborative lesson plans will each receive a set of three GeoSafari Tuff Cams, and three now!Boards, total product value equaling $2,000.

The GeoSafari Tuff Cam is a kid-friendly 12-megapixel video camera, which also takes still images.

The now!Board makes an interactive whiteboard out of any available flat surface by projecting a screen that teachers can write on with the included stylus. It connects to most projectors and computers.

For more information about this grant, visit the WeAreTeachers grant partner page. To apply for the grant, visit the WeAreTeachers Learning Resources teacher grant page.