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Assessment Technology Releases Instructional Effectiveness Assessment System

Assessment Technology has unveiled the Galileo K-12 Online Instructional Effectiveness Assessment System (IEAS).

IEAS monitors student progress using Item Response Theory and a variety of instructional effectiveness assessments such as pre-tests, post-tests, screening and placement tests, interim and final course examinations, early literacy benchmarks, computerized adaptive tests, as well as instructional effectiveness instruments, which can be aligned to state and local standards. In addition, assessments completed on paper can be scanned into the Galileo system for automatic scoring using Scanline, which supports Scantron and Brother scanners.

Features of IEAS include:

  • Dashboards, which provide teachers with assessment schedules, and lists of which students have and haven't taken the necessary assessments and which students need more help and in what areas;
  • Tools to schedule, import, send, administer, automatically score, and report on assessments, aligns imported tests to standards, and provides the option of using response pads or bubble sheets offline;
  • Computerized adaptive testing, which chooses test questions based on the student's learning level. The first exam a student takes assumes he or she has an average learning ability;
  • A customizable online gradebook, which generates subject- and standards-based report cards;
  • Instructional dialogs, which provide a way for students to receive teacher feedback in real-time, and support the use of multimedia, such as photos, audio, video, animation, and Web links; and
  • The K-12 student-parent center, which lets students and parents log in to view assignments, assessments, and assessment results.

In addition, students can provide responses to tests through Mercury, a program available in Galileo, using wireless response pads from Promethean or eInstruction. Answers are immediately sent to Galileo K-12 Online.

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