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Oracle Desktop Virtualization Offerings Get Enhanced Storage, Security

Oracle has released new versions of its desktop virtualization products, Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) 3.4, Sun Ray Software 5.3, and Oracle Virtual Desktop Client 3.1. The new versions improve storage options, multimedia acceleration, hot-desking support, security, and USB device support.

Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 3.4 and Sun Ray Software 5.3 now provide administrators with more options for data storage, including support for local and third-party storage solutions. Oracle VDI 3.4 also now supports multiple deployments through its new Global VDI Centers feature, which directs users to their server group when they log in. Oracle VDI and Sun Ray Software have also gained support for 720p HD video on Sun Ray thin clients and 802.1X identity-based network authentication.

New features in Oracle Virtual Desktop Client 3.1 software include:

  • Support for copying and pasting between local applications on the client device and remote virtual desktops;
  • Acceleration of Adobe Flash and Windows Media Player on Sun Ray 3 Series Client devices;
  • 720p HD quality video on Sun Ray 3 Plus Clients and PCs;
  • User-location awareness features for follow-me-printing and more secure access to applications;
  • Auto-resizing of the user's virtual desktop display size depending on which device they're using;
  • Enhanced smart card support;
  • Support for 802.1X Extensible Authentication Protocols on Sun Ray 3 Series Clients to match the device's network address to the user's identity before authorizing access; and
  • Five time faster USB storage performance and support for more USB devices on Sun Ray 3 Series Clients.

Further information about Oracle desktop virtualization can be found on the company's site.

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