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Pasadena District Adopts Blended Model for Some Classes

The Pasadena Unified School District has launched two pilot programs that will make hybrid courses available at two schools.

A total of four courses will be affected by the effort, which will be implemented with the help of Thesys International, a provider of educational services launched in 2010.

One pilot program, an effort at credit recovery for girls who have experienced abuse, currently has students enrolled on a residential, non-public basis, and is being offered at Rosemary Children's Services.

The second pilot project at a CIS Academy involves an independent study program that seeks to prepare students to take the California Standardized Test (CST). For its part, Thesys provided a modified biology course that incorporates prep materials for the CST.

The program uses materials from a standard biology course with the addition of a chance to review materials via multiple formats, including videos, text, games, and podcasts.

In addition, the help of a teacher or mentor is offered online to students who need additional support as the district seeks to improve test scores.

"We're working closely with these schools to tailor our programs for their students and their particular goals," said Alan Rudi, principal solutions strategist at Thesys International. "It's a wonderful start to what we hope will be a long, productive relationship with PUSD."

Launch of the pilot effort follows collaboration between Thesys and a group of teachers selected from the district prior to its launch in the spring.

Following the pilot effort, the district may expand the program to include more students, according to Thesys.

The Pasadena Unified School District serves approximately 18,700 students with 26 schools and 858 students.

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