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E2020 Launches Virtual School Services Program

Online learning solutions provider E2020 has expanded its product portfolio to include the Virtual School Services program. The new offering is designed to let schools create their own virtual learning platforms and choose the level of service needed to extend existing capabilities for students in grades 6-12.

E2020 said that its district partners will have access to a catalog of standards-aligned core, career elective, world language, advanced placement, and test preparation courses, technology-enabled tools like live chat, an interactive white board and collaboration and communications webinars, and certified teachers to support existing district staff. Students will have access to its fully accredited program with content area expert coaches and teachers accessed through a student-centered learning model.

"Partners can scale the level of services to provide anything from a Physics tutor who is available after school hours, to a certified Mandarin teacher, to complete program management," said E2020 CEO Sari Factor in a news release. "The flexibility inherent in the offering means schools can easily implement online learning models for a wide variety of programs, from offering electives or advanced placement courses, which are often unsupportable because they serve smaller student populations, or for meeting the needs of homebound students."

The program's key selling point is its ability to help schools do more with less money, Factor said.

The Virtual Schools Services program is part of a package of standards-aligned courseware and virtual instruction programs E2020 offers for students in grades 6-12. The company uses a Web-based model with teacher-led video delivery and individualized instruction as part of a blend of traditional classroom learning and virtual programs, according to information released by the company.

More information is available at education2020.com.

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