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Teachers Learn New Methods of Teaching Green Concepts at Green Boot Camp

A group of 70 middle school teachers from around the world gathered in San Diego this month to participate in a hands-on, interactive workshop about methods for teaching energy, sustainability, and environmental concepts.

Honeywell and three other organizations created the Green Boot Camp to emphasize project-based learning and provide tools and materials for classroom use. The workshop covered a wide variety of topics, including green energy solutions, greenhouse gas emissions, sustainability, and the smart electrical grid. Hands-on projects included building a rain barrel, creating windmills, and generating electricity with bicycles.

The workshop provided teachers with lesson plans and materials that they can apply to their own classroom and share with other teacheres in their district.

"I'm excited to participate in Green Boot Camp because it's full of material I need to get my students on the right path toward sustainability--and gives me exposure to teachers from around the globe," said Zamaria Rocio a sixth-grade math and earth science teacher at Monroe Clark Middle School in San Diego. "I think sustainable jobs are undeniably a part of the future, and I see this opportunity as a way to learn how to inspire my students and get them excited about science, technology, engineering, and math."

The Green Boot Camp workshop was a five-day event sponsored by Honeywell as one of the company's corporate citizenship initiatives, and the curriculum was created by Honeywell, San Diego Gas and Electric, the California Center for Sustainable Energy, and the Urban Corps of San Diego County. The workshop also included guest speakers who specialize in environmental and energy-related disciplines, such as conservation, sustainability, and building energy management.

Further information about the Green Boot Camp is available on the Honeywell site.

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