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Netop Student Response System Turns Mobile Devices into Clickers

Netop has released a Web-based student response system that allows students to use their mobile devices as clickers. Netop Response is available now.

Netop Response uses QVR virtual remote technology from Qwizdom, a provider of student response systems, to allow students to respond to polls and quiz questions posed by the teacher either on paper, virtually, or verbally. Students can use any computer, smart phone, or other mobile device that includes JavaScript and CSS support.

Other features of Netop Response include:

  • Automatic saving, scoring, and delivery of question results;
  • The option for teachers to look at answers privately or share them with the class;
  • Viewing of answers in Microsoft Excel, Flash, or PDF format;
  • A Help option, which lets students privately alert the teacher they have a question;
  • 11 types of question formats, such as multiple choice, text input, and rating scales; and
  • Actionpoint toolbar, which integrates with PowerPoint and allows teachers to designate points, play files, set question timers, and look at response graphs.

Netop Response can also be used with classroom management software Netop Vision Pro, part of the Netop Interactive Classroom Suite. Vision Pro uses WizTeach from Qwizdom, interactive software that includes more than 70 interactive tools to be used with whiteboards, interactive projectors, and touch-screen hardware. In addition, Netop Response includes the Netop Vision Mobile app, which provides teachers with access to their desktop computer from their iPad while moving around the classroom. Teachers who use this app will need to use the included Vision Mobile Connector.

The cost of Netop Response for a classroom of 30 students is $499. The price for the Interactive Classroom Suite is $1,499 per classroom.

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