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Conceptua Math Partners with CORE To Deliver Common Core Professional Development Services

Conceptua Math and the Consortium on Reaching Excellence in Education (CORE) have launched a partnership to deliver professional development services to school districts. CORE, an implementation support services provider in mathematics, will work with math coaches and teachers to support school district implementations of Conceptua Math, an online, visually interactive K-8 math curriculum. The partnership is intended to capitalize on the strengths of both organizations while providing support to school districts.

According to Conceptua Math, on-site professional development support is critical for successful transition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Conceptua Math is designed to help teachers address the new standards, while CORE intends to help them to integrate best practices into their teaching.

"STEM is on the rise, the Common Core assessments are two years away, and online math curriculum is becoming the first-choice for many districts," said Arjan Khalsa, CEO of Conceptua, in a prepared statement. "CORE is an ideal partner to help school districts make the transition to our curriculum."

According to Lauri Susi, director of professional development for Conceptua Math, "CORE has experience planning with district leadership, providing introductory professional development to teachers, co-teaching in classrooms, and providing ongoing coaching."

"We are training teachers to use visual and conceptual methods, lead mathematics discussions, and diagnose student misconceptions," said Mark Simmons, CEO of CORE, in a prepared statement. "The Conceptua Math curriculum gives teachers a ready-made platform to exercise best practices."

Conceptua Math and CORE have already worked together in the Sunnyside Unified School District is Tuscon, Arizona. The school district, which serves 17,000 students, purchased curriculum licenses and targeted implementation services from Conceptua Math and CORE provided math professional development services.

Further information about Conceptua Math is available at Visit to learn more about CORE.

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