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Track My Progress To Launch Nationwide Field Testing

Track My Progress, an online assessment platform by True Progress that tests and analyzes knowledge of reading, language, and math in students in grades K-3, will kick off nationwide field-testing in December.

The Track My Progress platform allows teachers to evaluate students' skill level quarterly during the school year measured against Common Core State Standards' subjects and domains. According to True Progress, the majority of American states will switch over to one of two Common Core assessments beginning in the 2014-2015 school year. Track My Progress online tests take approximately 20 minutes to complete, and teachers decide whether they want to evaluate students on one, two, or three of the subjects available.

Other features of Track My Progress include:

  • Automatic test results;
  • Student progress reports that identify areas in need of improvement;
  • Individual passwords and usernames for each student, which are created by the teacher; and
  • An online interface for students in grades K-2, which includes audio narration, large interactive buttons, a simple layout, and test items specifically for those grade levels.

In addition, reporting tools allow teachers to see progress by the class using a colorful chart organized by student name or specific Common Core standards. These also reveal what standards were assessed, the questions for the test and answers provided by the student, and predict student outcomes at the end of the school year based on already-completed tests. Progress bars use red, yellow, blue, and green colors to help teachers create instructional groups based on performance level.

Track My Progress can be used on iPads or computers with Internet access.

For more information, visit Those interested in participating in field-testing should go to

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