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Security Firms Launch Integrated Filtering Solution

Security providers Enterasys Networks and iboss Security have teamed up to launch an integrated location-based filtering solution aimed at helping districts manage and monitor user access of Web and application content.

"Today's K-12 students and faculty absolutely need access to the Internet," said Vala Afshar, chief marketing officer at Enterasys, in a prepared statement, "to leverage the significant advantages it brings to the learning environment, but enabling optimal access while protecting students and complying with regulations requires a multi-pronged approach that includes training, monitoring, and flexible controls."

The new integration, Enterasys Mobile IAM BYOD and iboss Enterprise SWG Web Filters, is designed to help districts tailor access and monitor activity according to device, user, and location. Administrators, for instance, can create policies that allow students to access the Web while they're in classroom or library but not in the cafeteria or after school. IT managers can track the devices on campus—where they're located, what they're doing, and what type of connection they're using. The system provides reporting on device, user, location, and activity.

Additional information about the new integration is available at the companies' Web sites.

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