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Wowzers Showcases Mobile Game-Based Math Instruction Tool at FETC

Wowzers is highlighting the new mobile version of its game-based math instruction and new features and curriculum, released in September, at Florida Education Technology Conference (FETC) 2013 this week. The content, designed for grades 3 through 8, can be accessed by students on iOS and Android devices on campus or off.

The cloud-based platform, which was designed for school districts that are implementing personalized and blended-learning models, provides curriculum aligned with Common Core standards for grades 3 to 5, and supplemental instruction for grades 6 through 8.

The new features include:

  • A real-time adaptive learning system that chooses activities based on students' performance answering previous questions--If students choose an incorrect answer, the platform provides easier questions; if questions are answered correctly, difficulty of questions will increase;
  • A "nudge," which allows students to receive targeted hints;
  • Whiteboard remediation lessons that provide in-depth help; and
  • Additional sets of learning objects, if needed.

In addition, Wowzers lets teachers create playlists, allowing them to select specific lessons for students, based on keywords and standards. The new version also includes standards-based reports with adaptive and assessment choices.

Wowzers provides 33 weeks of unlimited hosted content for $25 per student or $7,000 per school.

Representatives from Wowzers can be found at booth No. 1412 during the conference.

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