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Naviance Integrates Roadtrip Nation Interviews

School districts that use college and career readiness platform Naviance Family Connection by Hobsons also now have integrated access to Roadtrip Nation's archive of video interviews with more than 300 local, national, and international leaders. All interviews are conducted for students by students.

Roadtrip Nation's video interviews are designed to help students choose career paths after listening to stories from leaders across hundreds of industries. Naviance then provides tools designed to help students set goals, develop academic plans, and weigh colleges or universities and future careers.

Features of Naviance include:

  • A single portal for school districts to create goals for students, monitor progress, and analyze student outcomes;
  • Multi-lingual functionality;
  • Naviance eDocs, which lets schools electronically submit applications to more than 1,700 colleges and universities;
  • A digital record of each student's career and college planning, which allows schools to collect data and make decisions based on it;
  • Communication tools for actions like sending e-mails to groups of students and keeping track of students' messages;
  • The ability to create custom reports; and
  • Standard reports, which present student goals, learning styles, stats of student and family usage, course reports by demographic, and more.

Roadtrip Nation's archives include 3,552 videos featuring interviews with 366 leaders such as CEOs, political activists, entrepreneurs, sports writers, filmmakers, and scientists from 52 road trips. The videos are organized by themes, interests, and leaders, and interviewees discuss "how they were able to overcome life's challenges to reach their goals," according to a news release.

"Roadtrip Nation has spent the last 10 years collecting stories from individuals who have defined their own roads in life," said Mike Marriner, co-founder of Roadtrip Nation. "Now working with the team at Hobsons, we're excited to share those experiences and insights with 5,000,000 students searching for their own paths."

The Roadtrip Nation archives are available for free to Naviance Network customers.

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