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Eduplanet21 Updates Professional Development Platform for Improved User Experience

Since launching in 2011, Eduplanet21 has leveraged user feedback to inform continued improvements to their social learning platform. According to a recent announcement, the company has rolled out new features and user interface changes intended to improve user engagement and collaboration.

Among the most recent changes, Eduplanet21 has revised their community navigation to reduce redundancy, improve visibility, and minimize the number of clicks to reach important content. Social Learning Institutes are now accessed in a single location and the process for joining Learning Paths has been simplified.

In addition to the navigation and user interface changes, the new version includes improvements in the use of screen real estate and the placement and functionality of various widgets. Communities now appear in the left sidebar and Social Learning Institutes can be added using a drop-down menu at the top of the page. Eduplanet21 has also introduced the ability to create breakout groups, giving users the ability to create targeted meetings.

Finally, Eduplanet21 has implemented a catalog of professional development opportunities in their social learning platform intended to simplify the process of choosing relevant content, authors, and media. According to the company, the new catalog will be updated frequently as new content becomes available.

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