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Scholastic Launches 6 Blended Programs for K-12 Math, Reading Instruction

Scholastic Education has unveiled six new blended learning products for K-12 math and reading instruction as part of its presence at this week's Education Innovation Summit at Arizona State University.

The six programs are designed to help students reach Common Core proficiency as the new standards are implemented, and are intended to do so in a way that leverages current technology. The suite's release represents the largest technology product launch in the company's history, according to a Scholastic release, and comprises four reading skills programs, one math skills program, and a teacher development program.

The suite's six programs include:

  • Math 180, focused on mastery of essential skills and concepts for struggling students in grades 6 and above, features blended learning instructional design combining technology and data to help teachers build conceptual understanding with adaptive software to accelerate students' learning by delivering individualized instruction and practice;
  • iRead, for K-2 reading instruction, features personalized learning progressions for each student and embedded assessments to ensure children are taught to mastery. Adaptive technology monitors performance and individualizes pacing, instructional load, and content while providing actionable data to help teachers track student progress and address skill gaps;
  • System 44 is for students grades 3 and above who have not yet mastered foundational phonics and decoding skills. The program's adaptive software presents phonics in a way specifically designed for older students who are able to grasp complex systems even as they struggle with reading;
  • Read 180, designed for students who master foundational skills from System 44 and are ready to approach grade level, leverages adaptive technology to individualize instruction for students and provides teachers with data for differentiation, so students can accelerate their learning and catch up to their peers. Scholastic plans to release Read180 on the iPad in August, according to a company release. Schools that use Read180 Next Generation, will have access to Read180 on the iPad for free;
  • Common Core Code X is an English language arts curriculum for middle school students. The program is built around a series of workshops that build toward each workshop's culminating performance task. The software also features tools for teachers, intended to provide educators who are confident with the instructional shifts of the Common Core with texts and resources to enhance their teaching, while providing less confident or newer teachers with professional learning tools and day-by-day instruction to implement the new standards; and
  • Nextpert, set to be launched in Fall of 2013, according to a Scholastic release, is a professional learning platform intended to give teachers tools and support to help them as they adapt their instruction for the Common Core State Standards. The system includes lessons and assessment-building tools, anytime access to online courses and resources tied to individual goals, peer collaboration tools, and access to on-demand expert mentoring.

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