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iPad App for Students With Autism, Special Needs

Brain Parade today released a new version of its iPad app designed for children with autism and special needs at ISTE 2013 in San Antonio, TX. See.Touch.Learn. Site Edition, created for environments with 10 or more iPads, enables teachers to connect and share custom resources with classroom aids, therapists, and parents through private online communities.

"Consistency and communication are important aspects of special education," said Jim McClafferty, president of Brain Parade, in a statement to the media. "The new See.Touch.Learn. Site Edition provides a platform for educators and therapists to better communicate with each other, and with parents, by sharing exercises and maintaining a consistent lesson plan for each student."

See.Touch.Learn., a visual learning and assessment tool, comes with a library of images and customizable lessons, created by a certified assistant behavior analysts, according to the company's Web site. The lessons can be shared with others through the Brain Parade Community.

The new Site Edition expands on the app's capability by including an option to create private communities. Teachers can use these private portals to share customized lessons with others involved with a student's education plan, including parents, therapists, and teacher aids. Future releases of the app and online community will include functions that allow parents and educators to track and discuss student progress.

"Collaboration between parents and educators is critical to students’ success, and we’re ever-mindful of fostering that teamwork when we develop new features," said McClafferty. "A child’s education doesn’t pause after leaving the school building each day, so, a stronger home-to-school connection means improved learning outcomes for every student."

Additional information about the new app is available at Brain Parade's Web site.

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