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Lexia Learning Releases Lexia Reading Core5 To Support Common Core

Lexia Learning has released Lexia Reading Core5, a technology-based reading program designed to help students of all abilities in prekindergarten through grade 5 meet the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in reading.

Lexia Reading Core5 is available as a browser-based Web application, an iPad app, or a downloadable program to be installed on a desktop or laptop computer. It also includes supporting printed materials. The program covers six areas of reading: phonological awareness, phonics, structural analysis, automaticity/fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. According to the company, it provides "structured, sequential, scaffolded instruction" to help students master reading skills more quickly and achieve greater proficiency.

Lexia Reading Core5 includes 18 levels of self-paced activities that students can work through independently. According to the company, the program creates personalized learning paths for students and provides explicit instruction and immediate corrective feedback. If students struggle with any of the activities, the program uses a scaffolded approach to help them master that skill. If students continue to struggle, the program provides them with explicit, skill-specific online instruction. Teachers also have the option of using Lexia's scripted lesson materials to provide additional instruction.

Other key features of Lexia Reading Core5 include:

  • Assessment Without Testing technology, which collects norm-referenced performance data and adjusts each student's learning path accordingly;
  • Real-time reports on individual student progress toward CCSS mastery and probability of meeting end-of-year grade-level benchmarks;
  • Individualized action plans to help improve student performance.

According to the company, "this personalized approach simplifies differentiated instruction, enabling at-risk students to close the gap more quickly and helping on-level and advanced students to continue to progress with support from their teacher as needed."

Further information about Lexia Reading Core5 can be found on Lexia Learning's site.

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