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Teachscape Debuts New ELA and Common Core Courses for Educators

In an expansion of its online Common Core course offerings, Teachscape is introducing new self-paced courses for educators focusing on English Language Arts and literacy.

Part of the Teachscape Learn series, the courses range in length from 15 minutes to two hours and include case studies, expert commentary, and more than 24 hours of course content. Each course is video-based and features education experts from Stanford and other universities. An introductory course, which serves as a primer to Common Core's ELA standards and the course structure itself, leads the series. Additional courses in the series focus on implementation strategies and showcase full-length, standards-aligned lessons for analysis and discussion.

Teachscape Learn also includes a research-based PreK–12 course library, online learning communities, video upload and sharing tools, and personalized learning plans.

"When teachers--novice and veteran educators alike--have a clear understanding of what the new standards mean for their teaching, and they can see what those instructional shifts look like in real classrooms, they can align their own instructional practices accordingly," said Peter Worth, director of learning design at Teachscape in a statement. "Our goal in designing these courses was to create a learning experience that, whether used as a stand-alone resource, or as part of a comprehensive professional learning program, would help to build that understanding and inspire teachers to reflect on their practice as they implement the Common Core."

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