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Brief: Pearson Maximus Launch Case Management and Reporting System

Education software providers Pearson and Maximus have teamed up to launch a new case management and reporting system for teachers. Called PowerSchool Special Education Powered by Tienet, the Web-based solution integrates Pearson's PowerSchool student information system with Maximus's Tienet case management and response-to-intervention system.

The platform is designed to enable teachers to track a student's individualized education program, including "pre-referral, eligibility, IEP development, service documentation, reporting to parents, 504 plans and personalized education programs," according to the company. The system features single sign-on and supports Medicaid billing.

Teachers at Boularderie Elementary School, in Nova Scotia, Canada, are already using the platform. "Single sign-on with PowerSchool and TIENET is so easy and allows us access to the best of both worlds,” said Sheila Kublek, principal, in a statement. "With a click of a mouse, we can access historic up-to-date student information."

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