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Cengage Learning Integrates Celebrus Big Data

Cengage Learning, a provider of educational content, technology and services for K-12 and higher education, has partnered with big data software provider Celebrus Technologies to capture data about users' interactions with Cengage's products.

According to the company, the integration will let Cengage track student and professor behavior such as login time, most visited pages and length of time spent on a page, and the company will use that information "to improve upon pain points and amplify favored features." CengageNOW, Aplia and MindTap will be the first Cengage products to be integrated with Celebrus.

"As we integrate this technology into our digital offerings, we are essentially opening the window to better see how students are using these products," said Stuart Hayes, senior vice president of customer understanding at Cengage Learning, in a prepared statement. "The better we know and understand our end-users base, the more qualified we will be to create products that will delight them."

Cengage will capture usage data in real time and use it to identify "emerging trends among the behavioral patterns that related directly to student outcomes," according to the company. Cengage will use the collected data in the research and development process as it updates existing products and creates new ones.

Cengage Learning is the first major United States publisher to work with Celebrus Technologies.

Further information about Cengage Learning's products can be found on the company's site.

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