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Pluralsight Launches Free Online HTML Course for Kids

Pluralsight, a company that provides online training for professionals in technology and creatie fields, has added a new coding course to its kids' library, Teaching Kids: Basic HTML Part 1.

The free course is designed to introduce kids to the basics of HTML by using common tags to build a Web site that can be viewed in any browser.

"Every programmer needs to know the basics of HTML, and we design courses like these on our platform to inspire teachers and parents to encourage kids to learn this increasingly important language," said Chad Utley, vice president of content for Pluralsight, in a prepared statement. "In a world driven by technology, knowing how to code is as fundamental of a skill today as math, reading and science. Our free courses are designed to help kids develop a passion and understanding of programming through fun and interactive learning."

More information is available at beta.pluralsight.com.