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Student Volunteer Site Teams With College Admissions Consultants

Two college application websites -- X2VOL and AdmitHub -- are teaming up to help students manage their applications.

x2VOL lets students find volunteer opportunities and keep track of the number of hours of community serve they log -- information also made available to schools. The other company, AdmitHub, offers consultancy services for potential college applicants, allowing them to have their applications reviewed by former admissions advisors who provide feedback.

Users of x2VOL who complete certain set goals can earn additional benefits. The partnership between the two companies will add AdmitHub to x2VOL’s "sponsored goals" section, allowing students who complete goals to take advantage of some admission consultancy services.

“We look forward to partnering with [x2VOL parent company] intelliVOL and to pulling back the veil on how decisions are made behind the closed doors of admissions committees,” said Kirk Daulerio, AdmitHub co-founder and a former admissions officer at Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, and Bowdoin College, in a statement.

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Stephen Noonoo is an education technology journalist based in Los Angeles. He is on Twitter @stephenoonoo.