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Charleston District To Update Employee Payroll, Attendance Processes

Charleston County School District in Charleston, SC, will move to a cloud-based system to update the timekeeping and attendance processes for its 6,000 employees and 84 schools.

The district recently selected Kronos Inc. to supply it with online time, attendance and payroll management systems. It will both save time and money used and spent with its current manual processes. The time and attendance processes will be fully integrated with the district's payroll and human resources system, which should lead to better overall management of overtime, budgeting, payroll and compliance with labor laws.

"The workforce is our largest controllable expense and also our most strategic asset," said Charleston School District Human Resources Project Manager Matt Jordan. "By optimizing our workforce through the use of Kronos, we will emphasize our commitment to greater accountability to our students and communities."

At the same time, using Kronos' cloud-based process will reduce the time the school district's IT employees need to devote to solving problems with the current antiquated systems, time they can then spend on other priorities.

"From lost revenue due to understaffing, disruptions in continuity of services and improper payments, the failure to manage the workforce accurately can have serious consequences for these entities," said Kronos Public Sector Practice Group Director Rock Regan. "Charleston County is among those school districts that are taking the right steps to optimize processes for better service outcomes."

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Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.