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New PD Program Planned for Teacher-Leaders in SC District

The Greenville County Schools (GCS) in Greenville, SC will introduce a new professional development program in 10 of its schools later this year.

The 10 sites in South Carolina's largest school district will be implemented with the help of Discovery Education's Digital Leader Corps and will encourage "teacher-leaders" to serve as change agents for other teachers as the largest school system in South Carolina begins a five-year technology plan to update and revitalize all of its professional development programs.

Each of the 10 campuses will be equipped with learning labs in which teachers will be able to try new teaching strategies in conjunction with their students, practice and adapt their skills in a classroom setting before sharing the techniques with their colleagues in other classrooms. In conjunction with the activities in the learning labs, the teacher-leaders will consult with experts at Discovery Education who will help with planning, communications and implementation.

At the same time, a supplementary professional development program with Discovery Education professionals will be implemented by way of virtual conferences and in-person activities.

"Engaging digital content and high quality professional development are critical to accelerating student achievement," said Rob Warren, director of partnerships for Discovery Education.

Since 2002, GCS educators and students have had access to the Discovery Education streaming digital library of 10,000 learning objects, all aligned to state and national standards. Four GCS schools have also been using the company's digital Science Techbook in their science classes.

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