Activate Instruction Migrating Content to Gooru

Activate Instruction is moving its teacher-created K-12 educational resources to the Gooru online platform. The migration should be nearly complete by mid-August.

Activate Instruction and Gooru both provide open, online repositories of educational resources and curriculum. In recognition of their shared mission, the organizations have partnered to make their resources available online through Gooru. Once the migration is complete, teachers will be able to access Activate's resources through Gooru's free platform.

According to the Girard Educational Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides funding and program management for Activate Instruction, "content migrating from Activate has been largely built and published by high-performing public charter schools, such as Summit Public Schools and High Tech High."

Gooru currently contains more than 100,000 lessons, and its community adds thousands more every month. Content that Activate Instruction will migrate to Gooru includes more than 16,000 resources for grades 6 through 12 from Summit Public Schools and more than 4,000 resources from High Tech High. Teachers will be able to access these resources through Gooru and adapt them for use in their own classrooms.

In addition to the online repository of lessons, Gooru offers a wiki-assessment system containing millions of questions. By mid-August, Gooru will also support data analytics for schools that use learning management and student assessment systems from Agilix, Illuminate Education, Canvas and Haiku Learning.

To help the Activate Learning community with the transition to Gooru, the organizations will offer free online training over the summer. The dates and times for those training sessions will be announced during the summer and posted on the Activate Instruction and Gooru sites.

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Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].