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Nevada Selects Statewide Data System

The Nevada Department of Education has selected a data collection system for statewide use.

Until now, districts in the state used a variety of different data collection systems, which meant sharing data between the districts and the state required extra time and effort. After evaluating the available options, the department selected the Infinite Campus State Edition (ICSE). According to a press release from the company, "Infinite Campus already manages more than 94 percent of Nevada's student data." The department also chose ICSE because of its off-the-shelf statewide data management capabilities.

By selecting a statewide data management system, the Nevada Department of Education and its K-12 school districts will be able to maintain a single system, capture student data in real time and ensure secure bidirectional data flow between the state and the districts. "ICSE will greatly improve efficiencies and lower overall costs for the NDE and Nevada districts," said Ashton Faires, regional director of sales for Infinite Campus, in a prepared statement.

The Department of Education is working with Infinite Campus to roll out ICSE and expects the system to be fully operational by July 2016. "There is a lot of work that lies ahead, but we feel confident the final outcome will be an improved experience for our local districts and NDE," said Steve Canavero, deputy superintendent of student achievement at the Nevada Department of Education, in a prepared statement.

Other states that have implemented Infinite Campus State Edition include South Dakota, Montana, Kentucky, Maine, Hawaii and the Bureau of Indian Education.

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