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Cristo Rey Schools Pick Student Management System for New Campuses

Cristo Rey High Schools will use a Rediker Software package as it recruits students for the fall 2016 opening of two new schools in Baton Rouge, LA, and Tampa, FL.

Cristo Rey is a network of 30 Catholic high schools in 19 states that primarily serve underprivileged students who use its work-study program to fund their educations. Each school has an average of about 330 students, 97 percent of them students of color.

The work-study aspect to the school system's operations calls for functions that are not always necessary with traditional student management systems. Cristo Rey schools, at full enrollment, depend on income from the students' work-study activities to fund their operations, so recruiting suitable candidates is particularly important.

Rediker's AdminPlus software will offer Cristo Rey the traditional gradebook, student and parent portals and a notification module. It will also help with the recruitment process over the next year. Its Online Forms component will help each school track prospective students through the admission process and target each school's unique requirements to qualify for entrance.

Once school begins, each student works one day a week, so the schools require software that will accommodate a 20-day rotational schedule.

Cristo Rey representatives said they chose Rediker Software for the new schools in Baton Rouge and Tampa after experimenting with it at three other schools.

"I have worked with similar programs and was very frustrated by their lack of user-friendliness, the complicated steps in finding and inputting information, and their lack of technical support," said Aimee Wiles, who will be the principal of the Cristo Rey Baton Rouge High School. "Rediker's scheduling program is customizable to what information we want and what our needs are."

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