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Texas District Adopts itslearning LMS

Clear Creek Independent School District (ISD) in League City, TX has implemented a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) to support its 1-to-1 and blended learning initiatives.

Clear Creek ISD launched its 1-to-1 initiative in 2013. Every student in the district has access to a Dell laptop or tablet to complete school assignments, including projects and presentations, and to explore topics they've learned about in class. This year, the district took its technology-based learning initiative a step further with the implementation of a digital learning platform from itslearning. According to information on the district's site, teachers use the system to design and deliver lessons and students use it to access and complete assignments, either individually or in groups, at home or at school.

Itslearning is a cloud-based LMS designed specifically for K-12 education. The platform provides teachers, students and parents with access to course materials, assignments, communities for collaboration, professional development tools and student progress reports. A personalized dashboard for teachers lets them share instructional resources, assignments and assessments with students and parents.

During the product evaluation process, Andrea Winters, director of learning technology for Clear Creek ISD, "was immediately impressed with the platform's interface, streamlined curriculum management functionality and its focus on proven, data-driven pedagogical strategies that drive student-centered learning seamlessly," she said in a news release.

Three other Texas school districts have also adopted itslearning. Huffman ISD implemented the system this year, and Houston and Spring Branch ISDs deployed it last year. Houston ISD rebranded it as "PowerUp: HUB" or "the HUB" and has been using it to host digital content in support of its learner-centered instruction initiatives, including active learning, flipped classrooms and project-based learning.

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