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Landmark Outreach Debuts New PD Courses for Language-Based Learning Disabilities

Landmark School's Outreach Program has launched a new series of professional development courses for teachers of students with language-based learning disabilities.

"This month, they will launch their latest online course: Receptive Language: Strategies for Comprehension," according to a news release. "This is the second in a series that includes Language-Based Learning Disabilities: Strategies for Success taken by over 500 educators nationwide, and Executive Function and Study Skills courses coming soon."

All Landmark Outreach courses are developed and taught by Landmark School teachers. The Landmark School is a boarding school for students in grades 2-12 with language-bassed learning disabilities, such as dyslexia.

"Since 1977 the Landmark School Outreach Program has been bringing the research-based teaching methodologies and approach from Landmark School to educators and administrators in the form of professional development courses, workshops, publications and online resources," according to information released by the school. "The aim is to reach some of the estimated 3-5 million students nationwide who suffer from learning disabilities."

"I found the online courses really helpful with concrete, practical strategies that I could implement directly in my classes," said Colin Martin, middle school teacher and former Landmark Outreach student, in a prepared statement.

More information about Landmark School's online professional development courses is available at

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