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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Updates Adaptive Reading Intervention Program

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has launched Read 180 Universal, an update of its Read 180 intervention program for struggling readers.

"Reading proficiency relies on collaboration among different regions of the brain which together control word analysis, vocalization and articulation and word recognition and automaticity functions," according to a news release. "Recent advances in neuroimaging have yielded increased insight into patterns and behaviors in the brains of struggling readers. These insights have allowed cognitive scientists to pinpoint areas that have the most influence over various literacy functions."

Read 180 Universal is designed to pair the findings of that research with advances in adaptive learning to create instructional paths customized for each student. Updates new to this version include:

  • New software designed to incorporate new research and accelerate student progress;
  • New content with knowledge, language and vocabulary objectives that target different areas of the brain; and
  • HMH Teacher Space, a learning management system that offers real-time data that aims to improve whole-class and small-group instruction.

"The ability to process words and connected text both accurately and quickly is necessary for developing the ultimate purpose of reading — comprehension," said Ted Hasselbring, research professor of special education at Vanderbilt University, in a prepared statement. "Since the 1980s, my research team and I have been exploring how best to use emerging technologies to support struggling students overcome foundational literacy challenges and become successful readers. The ability to build more powerful adaptive instructional routines has now allowed us to bring stronger technology and teacher support into classrooms, helping students become successful readers faster and more effectively than ever."

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