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Pleasant Valley SD Taps Private Partner To Streamline Student Registration, HR Onboarding

The Pleasant Valley School District (PVSD) has teamed with a private partner to ease student registration and human resources onboarding.

The district partnered with SRC Solutions to adopt the company's Registration Gateway and Human Resources Gateway products. With Registration Gateway, parents can now enter student data via an automated and auto-corrected process designed to save time. Upon completion, registrars at PVSD simply review and approve the information, which is then sent to the district's SunGard eSchoolPlus student information system.

"All parents must register with Online Enrollment. The parents either complete the registration information online before arriving at the registration office or they complete this part of the process at a work station located in the registration office prior to seeing the registration secretary," said  Carole Geary, superintendent at PVSD, in a prepared statement. "This also allows us to serve more people on a given day making the process more timely for staff and convenient for parents."

The new HR tool "has improved the process of human resource management for Pleasant Valley School District in a way very similar to that of the student registration process," according to a news release. "HR Gateway by SRC Solutions is a paperless, configurable, web-based portal that streamlines the intake of data as well as the retention and distribution of documents related to onboarding new employees. By collecting and storing employee information digitally, HR Gateway creates a streamlined office environment where storage, file access and security problems are things of the past."

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