4 New Companies Added to SchoolMessenger Ecosystem

West Corp.'s Education Group has added four educational technology companies to its SchoolMessenger Ecosystem Program for education technology providers, which lets companies highlight their products and services within West's free single sign-on communication's platform.

To access the catalogue, school administrators can use the SchoolMessenger Passport tool, which allows schools to use one-click account provisioning tools. Both tools are designed to make it easier for districts to discover new Web-based educational products and deploy them in a controlled environment.

Passport was developed last year to let teachers, students, staff and parents log into multiple district-approved online learning applications, open educational resources and school software programs with one user ID and password. Both the standard and premium versions of Passport now include the enhanced catalogue of product connectors that enable single sign-on to Web-based services.

The four new companies are:

  • Hero, an online behavioral intervention and incident tracking system;
  • Professional Learning Maps, a professional development program;
  • EdProtect, a data protection tool; and
  • Eduvision, a tool that allows schools to publish and manage video assets.

"Last year's announcement of the SchoolMessenger Ecosystem Program was met with enthusiasm from both leaders in school districts around the country and our colleagues in the ed tech industry," said West Education Group Vice President of Business Development Carmi Paris. "We welcome these new partners to the program and look forward to its continued growth."

About the Author

Michael Hart is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and the former executive editor of THE Journal.