Adaptive learning

Apex Learning To Launch Adaptive Tutorials for Remediation

Apex Learning has launched a new level of personalization to its Tutorials that aims to identify learning gaps and provide remediation to help bring students to grade level.

"Now with adaptive remediation, Tutorials present prerequisite content to each student at just the point it's needed, supporting more students in achieving success in grade-level content,": according to a news release.

The company currently offers tutorials for grades 6-12 in math and English and for high school biology and United States history, as well as for GED preparation and a range of college readiness tutorials for the SAT, ACT, TSI and Accuplacer exams. Adaptive Tutorials will be available beginning next month.

"Gaps in prior learning are the reason many students struggle in school," said Cheryl Vedoe, CEO at Apex Learning, in a prepared statement. "The challenge teachers have is the gaps are different from one student to the next. The new Tutorials with adaptive remediation make it possible for teachers to support each student with a personalized learning plan."

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