Best Jobs for Generation Z Include Several Tech Positions

The best jobs for Generation Z will include computer and information systems analyst, information security analyst and software developer, according to a new report by CareerCast, a national job search site.

Generation Z comprises young people born between 1995 and 2010. This demographic accounts for 25 percent of the total population, according to CareerCast, and the first wave of these young professionals are just starting to leave school and enter the labor market. (Those born on the tail end of Generation Z are just entering elementary school.)

According to the report, some of the most abundant jobs for Generation Z are positions that directly tie into the needs of this younger demographic. These include statistician at 34 percent growth through 2024, financial planner at 30 percent growth and interpreter/translator at 29 percent growth.

Meanwhile, high-tech positions are anticipated to increase and offer lucrative salaries. Computer and information systems analysts are expected to see 15 percent growth through 2024, with a median annual salary of $141,600. Software developers are anticipated to see 17 percent growth, with a median annual salary of $100,690 over the next eight years. Information security analyst positions are expected to grow 18 percent through 2024, with a median annual salary of $90,120.

“Generation Z has had a lifetime of exposure to the Internet and easy accessibility through the proliferation of smartphones,” the report stated. “The changing technological landscape plays a big role in the job prospects for Generation Z.”

CareerCast identified the 10 best jobs for Generation Z in the following list:

Career Median Annual Salary Growth Outlook to 2024
computer & information systems analyst $131,600 15 percent
environmental engineer $84,560 12 percent
financial planner $89,160 30 percent
human resources manager $104,440 9 percent
information security analyst $90,120 18 percent
interpreter/translator $44,190 29 percent
market research analyst $62,150 19 percent
registered nurse $67,490 16 percent
software developer $100,690 17 percent
statistician $80,110 34 percent

These figures were provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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