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Curriculum Crafter Joins NWEA Content Provider Program

Curriculum Crafter, a cloud-based curriculum planning tool, has joined the Northwest Evaluation Association's (NWEA) Instructional Content Provider program, which was created to help teachers find learning resources aligned to student results from the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment.

The MAP assessment is NWEA's computer adaptive interim assessment of reading, language usage and mathematics for students in grades 2-12. MAP partner schools, school districts and education agencies now have access to Curriculum Crafter's resources through its online application.

Once students have completed the MAP assessment, teachers can use the Curriculum Crafter application to find learning resources to support individualized instruction based on students' MAP results, according to information from the company. The partnership between NWEA and Curriculum Crafter makes "a direct connection between students' learning progress and the content and resources that have been specifically aligned to RIT Ranges and available through our platform," said Donn Smith, CEO of Curriculum Crafter, in a news release.

Curriculum Crafter includes K-12 curricular resources aligned to the Common Core, curated open educational resources (OER) and more than 1,000 sample lesson plans, as well as assignment of standards, standards tracking and full mapping capabilities. Teachers can use it to design, store and map their own lessons, and content is customizable to allow districts to respond to local needs.

Other integrated content resources available to MAP partner schools include Edgenuity, Odysseyware, Achieve3000, Triumph Learning, Compass Learning, Study Island, Silverback Learning Solutions, Classworks and No Red Ink.

Further information about the partnership between NWEA and Curriculum Crafter can be found on the NWEA's site.

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