Blended Learning

IXL Launches Science Social Studies Curricula for Elementary Students

IXL Learning has expanded the list of subjects covered by its Web-based program that allows students to work at their own pace in personalized and blended learning environments.

Along with existing curricula covering math, English and language arts, IXL has added science and social studies for students in grades 2-5. IXL representatives said the curricula are aligned with standards in all 50 states and with the Next Generation Science Standards. IXL Analytics provides teachers with real-time reports so they can track student progress and pinpoint trouble spots quickly.

With interactive activities in the science program, students can learn about changes of state, use real-life climate data to make their own weather predictions, and examine photos of animals and birds. IXL algorithmically generates questions and visuals that follow the student's progress.

With the social studies program, students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills by, for instance, analyzing different viewpoints on the Civil War through letters written by Union and Confederate soldiers. They also stretch their critical thinking skills while learning about Mount Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty, among other American landmarks.

"IXL Science and IXL Social Studies aren't one-directional teaching," said IXL Learning CEO Paul Mishkin. "Rather, they are immersive experiences and a true celebration of our endlessly fascinating physical and social worlds."

Cassidy Cathey, a fourth-grade teacher at Brunson New Vision Charter School, said "students are driven by technology and IXL is the happy medium between tech and textbooks. I now teach a lesson, assign skills for review and can easily see if a student is having difficulty."